Our Company



  • To provide a highly qualified seafarers that are globally competitive for our Principal;


  • To consistently provide highest standards of services through our competent work-forced fully prepared to meet and answer the challenges in the Maritime Industry.




  • To be the leading supplier of world class seafarers to all types of ocean-going vessel of our clients as well as an employer of choice for our people.





The top management of Norbulk Pacific Maritime, Inc. (NPM) establishes quality objectives at all relevant functions and levels within the organization. The objectives are derived from NPM Quality Policy and top management’s commitment for continual improvements.

The quality objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy, including commitment to continual improvement. Quality objectives include those needed to meet all contracted requirements. Inherent in the entire set of quality objectives is a focus on customer satisfaction.


  • To provide a quality assured Manning/Crewing service to our Principals, always in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


  • To manage manning of ships in full compliance with all recognized international, I.M.O. and applicable national regulations.


  • To keep the safety of the crew, vessel, its cargo and protection of the environment as the top priorities.


  • To arrange Crewing service in compliance with classification and flag state rules, and apply recognized industry standards as appropriate.


  • To be ready at all times for emergencies and to establish safeguards against all identified risks.


  • To be recognized as a highly responsible Manning Agent, aiming to remain at the forefront of all aspects of technology concerned with Crewing and Manning, and continuously attempt to improve Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships.


  • To endeavour to continuously improve customer service.


  • Personnel and staff of NPM are knowledgeable in their respective field and with good reputation in the manning industry. We aimed to create a harmonious family relationship with the Principal and Crew through trust, care to family and career path.


  • Offering the highest level of Manning & Crewing service, Norbulk Pacific Maritime, Inc. (NPM) emphasises recruitment and placement of seafarers at competitive, cost-effective rates.



Norbulk Pacific Maritime, Inc. (NPM) is dedicated to a programme of continuous improvement in all aspects of its business. It is our objective to provide services of consistently high-quality Seafarers to principals and ensure that it meets agreed standards and quality requirements, reliably and effectively.


The development of working practices is based foremost on quality considerations which are targeted on the needs of the principal throughout all stage of the Company’s operations.


Responsibility for quality and quality improvement in all aspects of the business is vested in each employee, both shore-based and sea going, to operate in accordance with the procedures and practices outlined in the Quality Management Manual relevant to their spheres of operation.


NPM commits to comply and meet the national and international statutory requirements and regulatory standards governing the Maritime Industry.